Virginia’s new COVID-19 dashboard hopes to cut down vaccine hesitancy

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY)- A new COVID-19 dashboard is hoping to cut down on vaccine hesitancy, according to health department officials in the state.

Last week, the Virginia Department of Health launched the dashboard which displays COVID-19 cases based on vaccination status.

“I think the main takeaway for the general public is that it shows if one is vaccinated, how it reduces the chances of getting the virus, hospitalized, or dying from the illness,” said Dr. Parham Jaberi. “Hearing from the community saying ‘Well, I just

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It’s time for the death of the analytics dashboard

The demise of the analytics dashboard is upon us.

Dashboards are simply no longer able to keep up with the pace of business, and have therefore outlived their usefulness, according to Cindi Howson, chief data strategy officer at ThoughtSpot and host of The Data Chief Podcast.

Analytics dashboards take time to develop and update. The data that feeds the dashboards needs to be wrangled and prepared, and that takes the expertise of a trained data scientists or analyst. Then, as new questions arise, the dashboards need to be updated with more wrangled and prepared data.

In addition, organizations often

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State COVID-19 dashboard update shows no increase in cases or deaths | Coronavirus

The state Department of Health’s midday Sunday COVID-19 dashboard update showed no increase in cases or deaths.

It has been more than a month since state officials provided weekend updates beyond updating statistics on its dashboard. The dashboard also showed no change in hospitalizations.

New infections from the novel coronavirus have been trending up. In the previous five days, the state averaged 369 new cases per day, including 425 on July 15, the largest increase since June 15. The state averaged 201 new cases per day from June 13 through July 12.

New deaths linked to the novel coronavirus have

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Build a Better Dashboard for Your Agile Project

Good, reliable data is often the key to making an agile project successful. But project managers often struggle to get the data they need — or to find it in a sea of data they don’t. A project to address this problem at Honeywell Inc. can be a model for companies struggling to build useful dashboards that can help project managers make decisions. Bringing in perspectives from stakeholders across the organization they successfully met their project managers’ needs by following a few design principles: 1) start with the users’ perspectives, 2) simplify visuals with intentional data engineering, 3) focus on

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Health and Welfare simplifies COVID-19 vaccine dashboard | News

BOISE — To continue to provide relevant, timely data about Idaho’s vaccine efforts, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has made some changes to the COVID-19 Vaccine Data Dashboard at https://tabsoft.co/2UM9gxO to reflect the changing nature of the pandemic and the ready supply of COVID-19 vaccine in the state.

Below is a summary by tab of the main changes, which took effect Wednesday.

   – As focus has moved away from the state’s supply because there is more than enough vaccine for those who want it and toward how many people are getting vaccinated, charts showing doses administered and distributed

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Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s new dashboard tracks economic opportunity data

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation has launched an online “data visualization tool” that tracks statewide vital economic indicators, including metrics related to labor force participation, new business starts and population growth.

The Ohio Economic Dashboard was created to help policymakers, business leaders and the public understand the state’s economic health by providing a snapshot of current market conditions along with historical trends, according to an announcement on Tuesday, July 6.

“We identified key indicators that may help policymakers and business leaders in Ohio gain a better understanding of how Ohio’s economy is performing. Through the Ohio Economic Dashboard,

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Virginia Tech launches vaccine dashboard ahead of fall semester deadline

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Tech recently launched its own vaccination dashboard as the deadline for students to be fully vaccinated for the fall semester is Aug. 6.

When you visit the dashboard you’ll see two pie charts, one to show the number of students who have and haven’t reported their vaccination, another for employees. Employees aren’t required to be vaccinated, but the university wants to get as close to 100% as possible.

The data is updated twice a week. In order for the dashboard to be accurate, Virginia Tech not only needs people to get vaccinated but students and employees

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VDH unveils dashboard to show results of COVID cases by vaccination status

RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ/VDH Release) – The Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 in Virginia dashboards now include information on the number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status. They also include data to track COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Click here to see the new vaccination status dashboard. It is scheduled to be updated each Friday.

Vaccine breakthrough means someone who is fully vaccinated develops COVID-19, according to VDH.

“Over 99% of COVID-19 cases in Virginia have occurred in people who were not fully vaccinated. I applaud those who have chosen to protect themselves and the community

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DHS adds new maps, geographic data tables to COVID-19 vaccination dashboard

MADISON, Wis. (WEAU) – A new visualization of vaccination data is being added to the Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services’ COVID-19 dashboard.

On Friday, the DHS said it was adding a series of maps and downloadable data tables to its COVID-19 vaccine reporting website. The new maps and tables can break down COVID-19 vaccination rates by municipality, zip code, school district, or census areas.

The DHS says the new visualizations and data will inform residents about COVID-19 activity and vaccination in the areas they live and work.

“Breaking down existing vaccination data by these additional geographies offers new ways for

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