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New dashboard shows where Cleveland has lead-safe rental units

CLEVELAND — Cleveland’s City Council approved the Lead Safe Cleveland Ordinance in 2019. It requires all landlords in the city to have their rental properties certified as lead-safe by 2023. Under the ordinance, the lead-safe program will be rolled out by zip code through December 2022.

A team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University were tasked with monitoring Lead-Safe Cleveland’s progress from the start and now that data is available to landlords, families, renters and anyone else who may want to see it with the interactive dashboard.

Rob Fischer is an associate professor at CWRU and co-director of the

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Historical Water Use Survey Data

Water Intake and Sales

Intake – Water entering a water system, including self-supplied or purchased groundwater, surface water, or reuse water.

Sales – Water sales to all other public water systems or to industrial facilities (manufacturing, mining, steam electric) that buy 10 million gallons or more.

Netuse – Total Intake subtracting Total Sales. Netuse represents estimated municipal water use for a water system including single-family homes, units from multi-family buildings, and commercial and institutional water use, excluding industrial use.

Retail Connections and Use

Single-family – A classification of housing where a single detached dwelling or separate house is a

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Dashboard shows ‘Achilles’ heel’ of food supply chain

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Bare shelves this holiday season highlight shortages and show how vulnerable the supply chain can be to disruptions. We know a sick baker can’t make bread, but what if something happens to the people and supplies needed to make the flour or butter the baker needs

“We call the exposure to labor and upstream industries the Achilles’ heel of the supply chain,” said Jayson Lusk, an internationally recognized food and agricultural economist and distinguished professor and department head of agricultural economics at Purdue University.

“If a key link is weakened, it impacts the strength of

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Purdue dashboard shows “Achilles heel” of food supply chain

Distinguished Named Professor Jayson Lusk, Agricultural Economics. (Purdue University/ Mark Simons)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A sick baker can’t bake bread, but what if something were to happen to the people who make the flour or butter that the baker needs?

It’s called the Achilles Heel.

“If a key link is weakened, it impacts the strength of the entire chain,” said Jayson Lusk, a food and agricultural economist at Purdue University. “Our research identified the most vulnerable points and it also highlights the importance of diversifying. If multiple suppliers of needed inputs are used, it is like doubling up

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Maryland COVID-19 cases spike as MDH dashboard is partially restored

Maryland’s Deputy Health Secretary Dr. Jinlene Chan said that Delta remains the dominant variant of the coronavirus in the state. She urged residents to use all the tools available to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. The state’s seven-day average for the testing positivity rate jumped from 5.4% on Dec. 3, to 10.2% on Dec. 20.

For the first time in over two weeks, Maryland’s health department reported the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state. The numbers do not look good.

Monday afternoon, the MDH reported that “top-line” COVID-19 data was restored and it showed that an

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Innovative data dashboard creates digital twin city

Jeroen Steenbakkers, founder and owner of the Dutch ICT company Argaleo in s’Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, came up with the idea for the Digital Twin data dashboard two years ago. Steenbakkers already owned the technology but saw a gap between it and end users, such as decision and policymakers. “They must make decisions based on information that moves a city forward,” he explains. “In doing so, they are then often told to be data-driven, but they are usually not data specialists.”

Jeroen Steenbakkers. Photo: Argaleo

Future-proofing cities

To meet the growing need for data-driven information – and avoid expensive and time-consuming reports

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All the European tomato world’s data in one up-to-date dashboard

What kinds of tomatoes are in stores? What is the price per kilo, origin, packaging form, and size? The Berry Monitor is a great success. So, Roamler – a crowdsourcing platform – launched a Tomato Monitor in October. This gives an overview of all the data in the European tomato world. And in one convenient dashboard.

Christiaan Rijnhout

Roamler has been helping parties throughout the fruit and vegetable chain for ten years now. From breeders to retailers – they all get detailed information and photos via a smartphone community. Last year, Roamler started a subscription service for the soft fruit

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Data dashboard: Air temperature drop and increased snowpack

Aspen Journalism is compiling a data dashboard highlighting metrics of local public interest, updated at least every Tuesday. Check back for updates as we add more features.

Recent snow helps Roaring Fork watershed snowpack

Last week’s snowfalls boosted local snowpack. SNOTEL sites that monitor snowfall throughout the winter show the snowpack at Independence Pass at 80% of average on Dec. 20 with a “snow water equivalent” (SWE) of 4.88 inches, up from 4.49 inches of SWE last week, which represented 86.3% of average. Last year on Dec. 20, the SNOTEL station up the pass recorded an SWE of 4.41 inches.

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Encouraging Signs From the Data Dashboard

All the major equity indexes close lower Monday as trading volumes declined from the prior session options expiration. However, some buying interest did show up near the close as all closed either near their midpoints of the session or near their highs. On the other hand, all violated support with one exception, leaving all in near-term downtrends.

As dark as the session was, we are seeing some encouragement coming from the data dashboard. All the 1-day McClellan OB/OS Oscillators are oversold again while investor sentiment, which is a contrarian indicator, is now largely bearish and suggesting some potential for relief.

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