2022 Honda Civic Sedan Features a Cleaner Look, Carryover Engines

  • The new 2022 Honda Civic sedan is here with an attractive redesign and an improved interior.
  • It features the same 2.0-liter and turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engines as before.
  • Honda says it will go on sale in the U.S. this summer.

    Honda Civic generations tend to alternate between revolution and evolution. The outgoing 10th-generation car took big steps forward in terms of styling and performance, so it stands to reason that its successor features a more conservative redesign. Given the new 11th-generation 2022 Civic’s more mature looks, we think that’s a good thing. The new model boasts cleaner styling, carryover engines,

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    The Lotus Emira Will Be a Celebration of the Sports Car

    The Lotus Type 131 finally has a name, and like nearly every road car from the automaker before it, the name begins with E. And when Lotus officially debuts the Emira (E-meer-a) on July 6th, it’ll be the final time the company launches a sports car with a gas-powered engine. A sad day, but Lotus is making sure that its final ICE-powered sports car one of its best.

    It has big shoes to fill, effectively replacing three cars in the Lotus lineup. Because of that, the two seat Emira will offer a choice of engines. Thankfully, the first engine is

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    This Is What Toyota’s Hydrogen Combustion-Engine Racecar Sounds Like

    Toyota is going racing with a hydrogen combustion engine, mainly as an experiment and continuation of Toyota’s somewhat unhinged obsession with hydrogen. Still, I think you will agree that it sounds good.

    Which is to say that it sounds like a car:

    This video is courtesy of Toyota Times, which is some combination of a publication for Toyota fans/promotional content for Toyota/star vehicle for the Japanese actor Teruyuki Kagawa. And no, I don’t understand the existence of Toyota Times either.

    Still, Toyota previously said a three-cylinder hydrogen combustion engine would power a car based on the

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    9 Hardcore Street-Legal Track Cars

    Spending the day at the track is one of the great joys of being a car enthusiast. You can cut loose without fear of a speeding ticket, enjoy exploiting a car’s grip and handling as intended, and refine your high-speed driving skills. Of course, you can build a car specifically for the track to give yourself every advantage in shaving off tenths of a second. Still, sooner or later, you’re going to realize that carpets, soundproofing, AC, and safety systems are heavy, as are power-sapping emissions systems. Then your car isn’t road legal anymore, and you’re going to need a

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    East Bay firefighters find furry surprise inside car engine

    It took a special kind of “mechanic” to fix the engine troubles of one Brentwood mother’s car.

    When the woman and her son pulled up to East Contra Costa Fire Protection District’s Station 52 on Thursday she knew something was inside her engine and she suspected it was of a furry animal nature. Firefighters took a look but were unable to see a thing before being sent out on a 911 call.

    East Contra Costa Fire Protection District firefighters and Contra Costa Animal Services found a bundle of kittens hiding in a car engine in Brentwood on April 29, 2021.
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    CPD Looking to Identify Man Accused of Starting Fight at Car Wash

    Cheyenne police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the man pictured above.

    Police say the man is suspected of starting a fight with another man at the Oasis Car Wash at 3007 E. Nationway.

    “He appears to be a black male, with dark hair, in his 20s,” police said on Facebook. “At the time of the incident, he was wearing a dark short leave shirt, dark jeans, and a blue bandana.”

    Anyone who recognizes the man or knows his whereabouts is asked to call Officer Lohnes at (307) 633-6698 and reference case number 21-19374.

    LOOK: See the iconic

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    Officers Rescue 2 Kittens Stuck Inside Car Engine

    DEER PARK, NY — Suffolk police rescued two kittens stuck inside a car in Deer Park Tuesday morning.

    Officers responded to Tell Avenue after a 911 caller reported two kittens stuck inside the engine block of her car at 10:10 a.m.

    First Precinct and Emergency Service Section officers responded and rescued the cats.

    The cats were taken to an animal shelter in West Islip.

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    Japanese Motorcycle Giant Yamaha Developed Electric Car Engine Producing 469 Horsepower

    Japanese Motorcycle Giant Yamaha Developed Electric Car Engine Producing 469 Horsepower

    Japanese motorcycle giant Yamaha unveiled the electric vehicle engine that produces 469 horsepower. The statement from the company is that this engine will be used in “hyper electric” Japanese cars.

    Introduced by Yamaha, this engine means it can produce an engine that keeps up with today’s electric cars. The unit, which produces 469 horsepower, can operate at 800V as the most popular brands of today use in electric vehicles.

    One of the most important benefits of the engine developed by Yamaha is that the engine is compact. In fact,

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    10 Muscle Cars With The Most Impressive Exhaust Notes

    Lift the hood of any muscle car and, more often than not, a rather special engine will be waiting for you. Usually a V8 – either naturally aspirated or supercharged – these monstrous motors offer plenty of power, personality, and charisma, with sound playing a large part in their appeal.

    The exhaust note of a muscle car’s V8 is a staple of the class. Whether it be the raspy sound of a classic or the deep roar of a more modern example, a wonderful exhaust note is something every gearhead love to appreciate. With this in mind, here are ten

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    Brand new mama cat rescued after getting stuck in car engine in Chandler | Critter Corner

    Arizona Humane Society techs rescue a mother cat who found herself stuck in a car engine in Chandler. (Video source: Arizona Humane Society)

    CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) –  There’s a first time for everything! And for one staffer at the Arizona Humane Society, it was her first time rescuing a cat from a car engine.

    Sydney is one of the newest Emergency Animal Medical Technicians with AHS, and she found herself elbow-deep in her job right away. A mama cat, who had just had a littler of kittens, found herself stuck in the engine of

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