Formula 1’s ‘Sustainable Fuel’ Aims to Save Internal Combustion

  • Formula 1 has announced that its engines arriving in 2025 will be powered by a 100 percent sustainable fuel, meaning it will have zero net carbon dioxide emissions.
  • F1 envisions the fuel also being used in the millions of internal-combustion vehicles that will remain on roads for years to come, with F1 discussing with fuel companies how to scale up production.
  • The announcement could open the door to Porsche, which has expressed interest in synthetic fuels for road cars and in joining F1 as an engine supplier should the series switch to sustainable fuels.

    While electric vehicle sales have been

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    Here’s How To Keep Rats Away From Engine of Your Car

    I am sure many people wonder how to keeps the rats away from the engine of your car. It is a common problem for car owners who have to park their cars outside. When the car is sitting outside, you can’t control the movement of rats entering the engine bay. they could damage some of the most critical components of your car. This includes the electrical wires, cables, hoses and any pipe made of rubber or plastic. Modern cars rely heavily on electrical connections to carry on almost all the functions. Getting the electrical wires damaged by the rats or

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    Activist Investor Engine No. 1 Commends GM’s Electric-Vehicle Push

    In a white paper, the San Francisco-based investment firm said it believes GM and other traditional auto makers have the scale and know-how to drive electric-vehicle adoption. Engine No. 1 took a stake in GM in the first quarter but had not publicly outlined its thinking behind the move.

    “The scale of the [electric vehicle] transition challenge is beyond what Tesla and other new entrants can surmount in the time frame needed” to significantly reduce tailpipe emissions, the firm wrote. “Incumbent auto makers…are fully capable of becoming central players in the transition to [electric vehicles] and are also fully motivated

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    These Are The Weirdest Engines Ever Found In A Car

    One of the most surprising paradoxes in the automotive industry is that our cars become more monotonous as technology develops. Today, many car engines are almost similar in design. Yes, there are several car engine layouts to choose from, but they have a method to their madness. Before automakers got tied down with stricter emission and safety standards, they had the freedom to experiment and challenge the tried-and-tested engineering maxims that existed.

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    Over the years, these experiments have seen car-makers deliver incredible units

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    Survey: 23% Of Americans Would Consider EV As Next Car

    Bill Howard

    As more electric and plug-in vehicles come to market, U.S. drivers are are showing increasing interest to try them out. At the same time, future interest in gasoline-powered vehicles is fading, despite the fact that they dominate new vehicle sales.

    Data from a YouGov poll for Forbes Wheels of more than 33,000 licensed U.S. drivers showed that 22.9% of respondents would consider purchasing an electric vehicle as a new or used car. The survey allowed drivers to choose multiple engine/motor types. That percentage may not seem huge, but that rate of consideration for a future electric vehicle purchase

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    Common Car Maintenance Mistake Owners Make When Diagnosing Their Car’s Engine Problems

    A Common Novice Mechanic Mistake

    We’ve all been there at some point in our vehicle-owning lives—our car or truck is not running quite as good as it used to, so we decide to diagnosis the problem of poor engine performance by buying a Haynes or similar auto repair manual at the local chain auto parts store and take a stab at diagnosing what our engine problem could be.

    Most manuals will have a rather abbreviated trouble-shooting section, but that does not deter us as we have a basic understanding of how an engine operates with fuel, spark, compression, and timing.

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    V-Shaped Vs Inline Vs Flat

    When Henry Ford assembled his first car in 1896, he mounted a small one-cylinder gasoline engine on a frame fitted with two pairs of bicycle wheels: that was the first ford engine that came to life, designed on a kitchen table in Henry Ford’s home in Detroit. And for the first car manufactured in Ford Motor Company, the Model A, they engineered a flat-two engine that could output eight horsepowers.

    But of course, those times are long gone. The automobile industry evolved swiftly and gave birth to all sorts of engine types, among which the V-shaped, Inline, and Flat triumphed

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    Ferrari and Lamborghini should be exempt from Europe’s ban on combustion engine cars, Italian government says

    Italy is in talks with the European Union on ways to shield supercar makers, including Ferrari and Lamborghini, from the planned phase-out of combustion engine vehicles by 2035.

    While the Italian government fully backs Europe’s commitment to cut emissions by phasing out the most-polluting engines, “in the gigantic cars market there is a niche, and there are ongoing discussions with the EU Commission” on how the new rules would apply to high-end carmakers that sell a much lower number of vehicles than mainstream producers, Roberto Cingolani, minister for ecological transition, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV at the Ambrosetti

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    BBCRSPCA rescue kitten found in car engine after trip from Wales to LeedsA kitten has been rescued after travelling from south Wales to West Yorkshire in a car engine. The driver heard a strange noise coming from …4 days ago

    BBCRSPCA rescue kitten found in car engine after trip from Wales to LeedsA kitten has been rescued after travelling from south Wales to West
    Yorkshire in a car engine. The driver heard a strange noise coming from …4 days ago… Read More

    Does Car Insurance Cover Engine Failure?

    Dealing with an engine failure or other mechanical problems with your car is no fun. Depending on the problem, it can be expensive to fix. If you are dealing with an unexpected blown engine, does having full coverage car insurance cover it? What about gap insurance, will it cover my engine failure?

    Unfortunately in most cases, auto insurance does not cover engine failure or other mechanical problems. However, there are a few exceptions where insurance coverage may pay for a blown engine.

    How does insurance deal with engine failure?

    Typically, car insurance does not cover engine failure, even if you

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