Suzuki Jimny Rasa Mercedes-AMG G63 Karya Tuner Dubai


Modifikasi Jimny baru buatan Fast Car Service Centre, Dubai – Modifikasi Suzuki Jimny terbaru yang dibuat seakan mirip Mercedes-AMG G63 banyak beredar.

Berbagai tuner Jepang juga berlomba memodifikasi Jimny baru mulai dari Liberty Walk, DAMD dan Wald International. 

Namun tidak ada ubahan para tuner Jepang itu seperti dilakukan Fast Car Service Centre, Dubai yang membuat Jimny baru begitu mirip G63 AMG.

Body kit dibikin presisi dari 3D model


Body kit dibikin presisi dari 3D model


Keakurasian modifikasi Jimny ala G63 AMG yang dilakukan Fast Car Service Centre memang tidak main-main. 

Baca Juga: Cara Mengatasi Jika Suzuki Jimny Katana Anda Mengalami Overheat, Jangan Panik!


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VW Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept Gets the Golf R’s 300-HP Engine

  • Inspired by the launch of the Golf R, VW took the Golf R’s EA288 turbo-four and put it in the Atlas Cross Sport to create the GT concept.
  • The Cross Sport GT routes more than 300 horsepower through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox to all four wheels, which should lower the standard car’s 7.5-second 60-mph sprint time.
  • The concept also rides on a custom suspension and 22-inch ABT Sport wheels, and it features a revised interior with four Recaro performance seats.

    The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport ditches the third row of seats found in the standard Atlas in favor of a

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    North East Nigeria: COVID-19 Point of Entry Dashboard 60 (10 – 16 July 2021) – Nigeria

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), monitors the movement to and from Nigeria’s Adamawa and Borno States, located in the North East Zone. Assessments are conducted at Points of Entry located along the border with Cameroon.

    During the period 10 – 16 July 2021, 201 movements were observed at three Points of Entry in Borno State. Of the total movements recorded, 101 were incoming from Cameroon’s Far North Region and 28 incoming from Ndjamena in Chad, while 135 were outgoing from Borno State to Cameroon‘s Far North Region.


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    The 2022 Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT Pushes the Theoretical Envelope

    Setting Nürburgring lap records in utility vehicles used to be the province of the well-funded but perpetually silly—on shows like Top Gear, for instance. Instead of strapping the late, great Sabine Schmitz into a Ford Transit, Porsche has gone even further this time by strapping the brand’s most powerful V-8 into the 2022 Cayenne Turbo GT, and the new “SUV, off-road vehicle, van, or pickup” record holder arrives in the United States early next year.

    While a 7:38.9-second Nordschleife lap time is a lofty achievement for any vehicle, it’s pushing the limits of our current understanding of physics for a

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    Tips Memilih Velg Mobil ala Ottoban Indonesia

    Laporan Reporter, Lita Febriani

    TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Bagi para pencinta otomotif khususnya mobil, modifikasi paling mudah ialah mengganti velg.

    Hal ini juga merupakan langkah awal yang biasanya dilakukan untuk merubah tampilan mobil.

    Distributor velg dan ban mobil, Ottoban Indonesia memberikan tips khusus bagaimana memilih velg yang sesuai dengan standar dan membuat mobil tetap terlihat sporty.

    Baca juga: Padamkan Karhutla di Banjarbaru Kalsel, BPBD Turunkan Mobil Water Supply

    Chief Operation Officer Ottoban Indonesia Kevin Sulaeman, mengatakan jika mobil ingin terlihat berbeda dengan bawaan pabrik, mengganti velg adalah pilihan yang tepat.

    “Ditambah lagi, saat ini merk model untuk velg mobil sudah

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    Audi RS3, We Hear the C8 Z06, 620-Mile Mercedes EV

    The 2020 Olympics (yes, they’re still calling them that) kicked off with an opening ceremony in Tokyo on Friday, but the games aren’t shaping up to be quite the end-of-pandemic celebration organizers had in mind when they decided last summer to push the start date back a year. Toyota announced Monday that it would not air Olympics-related commercials in Japan—where there is significant public opposition to the games—and CEO Akio Toyoda chose not to attend the opening ceremonies. Toyota isn’t totally divesting from the Olympics: Some robots it developed to serve as mascots will still be part of the games.

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    Quanto costerebbero le auto dei film di fantascienza se esitessero davvero

    La più cara è quelladell’ispettore Gadget, che nel mondo reale costerebbe oltre 21 milioni. Ecco la top ten delle automobili più costose utilizzate nei pellicole più popolari

    Le auto utilizzate nei film di fantascienza hanno quasi sempre contribuito al successo stesso della pellicola. Gli esempi sono innumerevoli; basti a pensare alle diverse Batmobili o alla Ecto 01 utilizzata dai mitici Ghostbusters o ancora alla DeLorean di Ritorno al Futuro. Ma quanto costerebbero queste vetture nella realtà? A rispondere a questa domanda ci ha pensato il sito specializzato in analisi comparative che, dopo aver verificato i modelli di auto

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    Dashboard lights to never ignore

    COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Cars in 2021 come with all sorts of digital nannies, many with a dashboard display that looks like an iPad, telling you if a tire is getting low, if another car is too close, or if it’s almost time for an oil change.

    It’s easy to ignore all the alerts and reminders on that screen.

    But there are three warning lights that require immediate attention, and if you ignore them you could be stranded.

    Let’s say you’re driving along, and all of a sudden a bell chimes. You look down, and see a warning light on the

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    Kitten found in car engine now lives at auto shop

    NORWALK, Ohio (WTVG) – What could have been a cat-tastrophe, turned out to be a miracle. Firelands Collision Center in Norwalk just welcomed its newest hire, a kitten! Avis is a three-month-old sociable cat that took quite the journey to be with the Firelands Chevy staff.

    Garrett Frey is the technician who made the furry discovery. He says the center got a routine rental car in for service back on June 23. This one came directly from Cleveland-Hopkins Airport. The car went straight into the shop and was locked up for the night. In the morning, staff noticed small animal

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    Low car supply forces wealthy to buy used Rolls-Royces, Bentleys

    Certified pre-owned is nothing new, even in the luxury car business. When a $345,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith depreciates 20 percent the minute it is driven off the showroom floor and loses 40 percent of its value after five years of ownership, buying, say, a two-year-old Rolls-Royce from a trusted original equipment manufacturer program can save quite a bit of money when it comes to residual values.

    Such programs offer multipoint inspection plans and special warranties guaranteeing the quality and maintenance of the lightly used cars they offer.

    At Ferrari, the “Ferrari Approved” pre-owned program includes a 101-point inspection by Ferrari technicians

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