The latest Xbox update brings a 4K dashboard, night more, and more

Microsoft’s October update for the Xbox Series X includes the long-awaited jump to a native 4K resolution dashboard. Previously, the system software upscaled 1080p to 4K, by which enthusiasts, including several people who work for The Verge, were not totally satisfied.

Now, you can endlessly stare at the TV in true 4K wondering what to play or watch while time slips you by.

The new 4K dashboard on Series X will bring a more crisp interface, among other elements.
Image: Microsoft

The October update is adding some other quality-of-life features to both the Series X and Series S, including

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Beware: Car Thieves Are Targetting Hellcat Engines

One of the victims, Gabriel Perez-Ocana, only had his 2015 Challenger for a year when it was stolen at the airport.

“The Hellcat is a breed of its own,” Perez-Ocana said. “It’s a 6.2 with a huge supercharger. I wanted to have a car that captured the most, pure form of American muscle and modern form, and the Hellcat seemed like the best option,” he said. As you can imagine, Perez-Ocana was quite upset when his pride and joy was stolen from the airport’s main garages.

According to the Orlando police, the four cars stolen last week include two Dodge

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Ban dan Velg Dicuri Saat Berlibur di Kota Batu

BATU, KOMPASTV – Peristiwa pencurian ban mobil ini terjadi terjadi di dusun Gondorejo desa Oro Oro Ombo kota Batu pada Rabu dini hari. Hingga jumat siang mobil milik LiLi Pratiwi ini masih terparkir tanpa ban dan hanya diganjal batako.

Pemilik mobil, Lili Pratiwi menjelaskan, bahwa dirinya yang bekerja sebagai penyanyi saat itu berlibur ke kota Batu dan menginap di rumah temannya di dusun Gondorejo kota Batu. 

Tanpa ada rasa curiga korban memakir mobilnya dipinggir jalan pada pukul 01.00 WIB. Namun pada Rabu pagi sekitar pukul 06.00 WIB, Lili mendapati velg dan ban mobilnya hilang dengan kondisi terganjal batako.

“saya pulang

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Tesla Xpeng Nio BYD are best-selling electric cars in 2021

BEIJING — Tesla took two of the top three spots for best-selling electric car models in China, industry data for the first three quarters of the year showed.

That’s well ahead of start-up rivals like Xpeng and Nio, according to data released by China Passenger Car Association on Wednesday.

Here’s the association’s list of the 15 best-selling new energy vehicles in China for the first three quarters of 2021:

1. Hongguang Mini (SAIC-GM-Wuling)
2. Model 3 (Tesla)
3. Model Y (Tesla)
4. Han (BYD)
5. Qin Plus DM-i (BYD)
6. Li One (Li Auto)
7. BenBen EV (Changan)
8. Aion

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When should you check car engine oil level? 4 key warning signs to take action

Oil check alerts

Oil check alerts, typically located on the car’s dashboard, are the most obvious way of knowing it is time for an oil change.

In many cars, a light will flash up when engine oil levels become too low.

This light is most often red and shaped like an oil can.

Should the light come on while driving, it is important to pull over in a safe spot and switch off the engine.

The oil change light can come on for a number of reasons but is most often a signifier that oil pressure has dropped below a

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Mengintip Tampang Toyota Yaris X-URBAN di Thailand

OTOSIA.COM – Toyota Motor Thailand akhir-akhir ini cukup sering memperkenalkan produk baru. Seperti belum lama ini Toyota Thailand memperkenalkan Toyota Fortuner Modellista, Toyota Hilux GR Sport, Toyota Fortuner GR Sport, serta Toyota Corolla Cross Modellista.

Belum puas dengan model-model di atas, Toyota Motor melengkapi Yaris dengan varian X-URBAN. Dengan polesan baru tersebut hatchback ini terlihat seperti SUV, mirip dengan bahasa desain Yaris Heykers yang dulu meluncur di akhir tahun 2016.

Menarik untuk dicermati sejumlah ubahan pada Yaris di Thailand, mengingatkan akan Yaris Heykers di Indonesia. Lantas apa saja perbedaannya?

1 dari 4 Halaman

Eksterior dan interior

Mulai dengan sektor luar.

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Apa Saja yang Bisa Menyebabkan Velg Avanza Rusak?

Velg Toyota Avanza merupakan komponen yang tergolong kuat. Sebab velg sendiri merupakan benda yang bisa dikatakan jarang rusak jika pemakaian mobilnya sendiri normal-normal saja. Namun Anda perlu mengetahui hal apa saja yang bisa menyebabkan velg Avanza rusak.

Sebab tentu saja sebuah komponen pasti memiliki batasan kekuatannya. Lantas apa yang bisa menyebabkan sebuah velg Avanza rusak? Yuk kita coba ketahui pada artikel ini.

1. Menghantam lubang 

Kebiasaan mengemudi Avanza dengan kecepatan relatif tinggi dan melibas berbagai lubang di jalan bisa berdampak pada velg-nya. Kekuatan hantaman yang terus-terusan berulang akan bisa membuat velg berubah bentuk.

Pada kondisi ekstrim, velg bisa retak atau

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BBC.Climate change: Diesel and petrol cars widespread in public sector.Pembrokeshire council said 19 of its 23 cars were either electric, hybrid or hydrogen-fuelled. Of the cars used to transport Welsh government….21 hours ago

BBC.Climate change: Diesel and petrol cars widespread in public sector.Pembrokeshire council said 19 of its 23 cars were either electric, hybrid
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COVID-19 dashboard updated for boosters, third doses – The Suffolk News-Herald

The Virginia Department of Health has begun to add data about COVID-19 booster shots and third doses to its vaccine dashboards.

The vaccine summary and vaccine demographics dashboards now include booster/third dose information, with those numbers being grouped together because it said it is not possible to differentiate from booster shots and third doses.

The state health department also said it expects an increase in the fully vaccinated category as those who received mixed doses — one of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and one of the Moderna vaccine — are now categorized as fully vaccinated, according to guidance from the Centers

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The battle for Motor City: why Ford chose Tennessee for its electric factory

Cotton and soyabeans grow in the west Tennessee fields where, in four years, Ford Motor plans to manufacture electric trucks.

Last month Ford and its partner SK Innovation said they would invest $11bn to construct an electric vehicle assembly plant, battery factory and supplier park on the farmland 50 miles north-east of Memphis, plus two battery plants in neighbouring Kentucky.

The billions of dollars to be invested highlight the economic stakes for communities as the automotive industry commits to massive spending to switch away from assembling petrol-power vehicles.

US towns, states and regions are vying to lure new electric vehicle

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