Verifavia Launches Industry’s First Real-Time Carbon Intensity Indicator Dashboard

Drivers to be fined this winter for using their engine to defrost car windscreens

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BBC.Tesla drivers left unable to start their cars after outage.The app is not the only way to access the cars though, Stuart Masson, editor of The Car Expert website, told the BBC..5 days ago

NY Vaccine Literacy Campaign launches COVID-19 vaccine data dashboard

10 Cheapest V12 Sports Cars On The Used Market

The engine is the beating heart that makes every sports car thrilling and cool enough to justify its price tag. A disappointing engine means that a car can be incredibly unsuccessful, whereas a fantastic engine can push the car into instant classic status. And for many decades now, sitting at the top of the hill in terms of refinement, performance, and exclusivity are V12 engines.

A V12 engine signifies power and high performance. The fast speeds associated with V12 cars make them desirable for many enthusiasts — as is true with eye-wateringly expensive cars like the McLaren F1 and the

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Harga mobil bekas Daihatsu Ayla kian ekonomis, hanya Rp 80 juta untuk tahun muda

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Harga mobil bekas Daihatsu Ayla sudah semakin ekonomis. Data pricelist di Gridoto menunjukkan harga mobil bekas Daihatsu Ayla termurah sekarang Rp 80 juta per Mei 2021. 

Harga mobil baru Daihatsu Ayla saat rilis mencapai Rp 150 juta untuk tipe tertinggi. Besaran harga tersebut bersaing dengan seri low cost green car (LCGC) lainnya, seperti Toyota Agya dan Honda Brio.

Di 2017, Daihatsu Ayla generasi kedua ini muncul sebagai versi facelift setelah peluncuran pertama kali empat tahun sebelumnya.

Dengan harga mobil bekas Daihatsu Ayla yang sudah terjangkau, penasaran dengan spesifikasi dari Daihatsu Ayla generasi kedua?

Baca Juga: Murah

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Titip Ponsel Biar Bisa Test Drive, Pembeli Bawa Kabur Velg dan Ban Baru Rp6 Juta

Si penjual mengizinkan pembeli melakukan test drive karena diberi jaminan barang ini.

Dream – Seorang pemilik toko aksesori mobil di Taman Sri Pulai Perdana, Johor, Malaysia, ditipu pelanggannya. Pembeli yang semula dikira bakal membuat harinya jadi cerah itu tiba-tiba membawa kabur satu set pelek baru beserta bannya.

Dikutip dari World of Buzz, Kamis 20 Mei 2021, China Press memberitakan kejadian ini berlangsung pada 10 Mei 2021 pukul 16.30 waktu setempat. Wanita pemilik toko ini mengatakan belum pernah ada kejadian seperti ini selama tujuh tahun merintis usaha.

Saat kejadian, sang pemilik tidak berada di lokasi. Di toko hanya ada satu

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Video shows Virginia deputy lifting car to save trapped woman

A decorated sheriff’s deputy in Virginia is being praised for acting quickly — again — to save a person trapped in a potentially life-threatening situation.

On May 7, Deputy J. Holt, with the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office, responded to a report of an overturned automobile with an entrapment.

“The driver was laying underneath the vehicle with her head pinned by the sunroof,” , which contains brief, graphic footage of the accident, the woman trapped motionless under the car, and her child screaming from the back seat.

“Seeing the trauma her child was

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Unsere Top 10 Filmtipps voller Action

In vielen Filmen entpuppen sich PS-starke Karossen neben den Darsteller*innen als heimliche Stars. Deswegen stellen wir euch die interessantesten Autofilme vor.

Ob bullige Blechkarossen, putzige Kleinwagen oder schnittige Sportschlitten – Autos spielen schon lange in Filmen eine wesentliche Rolle. Manchmal überschatten die Flitzer mit ihren Pferdestärken unter der Haube fast schon die menschlichen Hauptdarsteller*innen. In „James Bond 007: Goldfinger“ feierte der legendäre Aston Martin DB5 sein Debüt beim britischen Geheimdienst und war fortan das favorisierte Vehikel des kultigen Doppelnull-Agenten. Während sich David Hasselhoff in der TV-Serie „Knight Rider“ auf einen modifizierten Pontiac Firebird Trans Am verließ, der gar mit einer

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Original Xbox Dashboard Easter Egg Discovered After 20 Years

As reported by website Kotaku, an anonymous developer of the original Xbox leaks the steps to trigger an undiscovered dashboard Easter Egg.

A new Easter Egg has been discovered in the original Xbox‘s dashboard, nearly twenty years after the console’s initial release. Microsoft’s first Xbox, which launched back in November 2001, is known to contain many hidden secrets within its operating system.

Indeed, one such secret in the Xbox dashboard was discovered years ago. To initiate that Easter Egg, a player must press “Music” from the main menu and insert an audio CD. From the “Audio

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2021 Chevrolet Corvette vs. Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 4.0: Mid-Engine Showdown

Chevrolet Corvette Full Overview

Frustrating, right? Everyone loves a winner, no one aspires to be a loser, but one cannot exist without the other. On the subject of horsepower and performance, there’s a more powerful car, a faster car, and a slower car, and there’s only one choice—otherwise, why bother harvesting test data to begin with?

The Eternal Corvette vs. Porsche Face-Off

These inevitable Porsche versus Corvette stand-offs usually raise subjectivism versus objectivism in our minds like bile in our throats. After all, the Corvette—in all its modern permutations—is the de facto victor on the performance-per-dollar front; it

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Which Kia cars are being recalled and why are the engines failing? Here’s what we know

Product Safety Australia has announced a recall of two popular Kia car models, citing an engine defect that could result in them catching fire even when not switched on. 

More than 57,000 cars are believed to be affected across the two models. 

Owners have been urged not to park the recalled cars in enclosed spaces, like garages, until they’ve been inspected and repaired.

Here’s what we know about the recall, and how to find out if your car is affected by the announcement.

Which Kia cars are being recalled? 

Product Safety Australia has confirmed two models are involved in the

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Radford Motors Will Develop Its Car With Lotus Technology

Radford Motors is certainly an interesting idea—reviving a colorful British coachbuilder for a line of customized, Lotus-based sportscars. It’s got some big names attached, a nice departure from the usual obscure founders and opaque financial backers. For one, Ant Anstead is involved, the Wheelers Dealers mechanic through the most recent season, and also host of Master Mechanic, both available on the MotorTrend App. And Jenson Button’s on board to assist with the driving bit. He’s, uh, well-qualified. And the fact that Lotus has agreed to lend the outfit a vehicle to build its creation on makes this seem

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Echte Toyota Supra uit F&F kan van jou zijn

Echte Toyota Supra uit F&F kan van jou zijn

© Barret-Jackson
Echte Toyota Supra uit F&F kan van jou zijn

Een klein kijkje achter de schermen bij autofilms. Vaak wordt voor de opnames niet één auto, maar een hoop auto’s gebruikt die er hetzelfde uitzien. Het begint met de hero-auto, de mooiste van het stel met een frisse lak en een mooi interieur. Deze auto verschijnt bijvoorbeeld in close-ups en mag geen schade oplopen, daarom krijgt hij vaak een setje stuntklonen. Die zijn vaak wat minder mooi gespoten, hebben dikwijls geen interieur maar wel een rolkooi voor de veiligheid en vaak mogen ze kapot.

© Aangeboden door TopGear

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