Month: October 2021

Xbox Engineer Says ‘NO’ To Bringing Back Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard

With the Xbox 360 blades theme now on the official Xbox website, an Xbox engineer remarks ‘NO’ to bringing the dashboard to Xbox Series X/S as well.

xbox 360 blades dashboard xbox series x s

Xbox is turning 20 this year. While it might seem hard to believe, Microsoft released the original Xbox on November 15, 2001. Since its inception, the brand has become a formidable competitor to gaming juggernauts like PlayStation and Nintendo. To celebrate the success of the gaming platform over the past 20 years, Xbox has given its website a nostalgia-filled makeover.

Recently, Xbox decided to change the design of its official website to resemble

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China’s GAC announces hydrogen combustion engine

Chinese automaker GAC Motor claims to have successfully tested a hydrogen combustion engine, although it’s unclear if the engine will ever reach production.

Instead of using fuel cells to generate electricity, GAC designed an internal-combustion engine to burn hydrogen in place of gasoline or diesel. The resulting engine has a fairly high thermal efficiency of 44%, according to a company press release.

Notable engineering nuggets include a hydrogen-specific combustion chamber design, as well as strengthened pistons, piston rings, and connecting rods.

GAC said it will continue “thermodynamic calibration and mechanical development of the hydrogen engine,” and that it would work

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Ngeri! LCGC Salip dari Kiri Berujung Celaka, Dua Kali Dihantam Truk


Sebuah video mobil low cost green car (LCGC) berwarna merah mengalami kecelakaan usai berusaha menyalip truk. Sopir terlihat kehilangan kendali usai dipepet truk ketika menyalip dari sebelah kiri.

Video tersebut diunggah melalui akun media sosial instagram @dashcam_owners_indonesia. Terlihat dalam rekaman kamera pengawas, peristiwa terjadi pada 18 Oktober 2021.

Dari kejauhan LCGC berwarna merah tersebut sedang mengambil ancang-ancang untuk menyalip truk. Mobil tersebut juga mengedipkan lampu jauh (dim), dan menyalip dari sebelah kiri.

Sejurus kemudian mobil LCGC itu hampir melewati truk. Tetapi truk berwarna orange itu juga mengambil sisi kiri di mana masih terdapat mobil LCGC. Truk pun menyenggol

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HSR Wheel Tawarkan Velg Custom, Bisa Pesan Ukuran hingga Ukir Nama

JAKARTA, Carvaganza – Membuat kendaraan selalu terlihat menarik dan berbeda dari lainnya adalah salah satu hal yang penting bagi seorang modifikator. Salah satu komponen yang tak kalah penting adalah velg yang menghiasi bagian roda kendaraan dan menunjang pada tampilan luar mobil. Sejalan dengan hal tersebut, HSR Wheel menghadirkan custom wheel untuk menunjang velg dengan personalisasi sesuai keinginan konsumennya. 

Custom Wheel yang disediakan oleh HSR Wheel dapat disesuaikan mulai dari ukuran, desain hingga pada ukiran nama pada velg pesanannya.  Selain itu, HSR Wheel juga memastikan konsumen akan mendapatkan velg dengan kualitas terbaik dan tampilan sesuai dengan keinginannya. 

Sebelum melalui

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Ford and GM Are Competing on EV Investments

Illustration by Ronald AskewCar and Driver

Update 10/18/21: Stellantis announced a partnership with battery maker LG to produce lithium-ion battery cells and modules in North America. That announcement didn’t include a location for the plant, but it did set 2024 s a target start date. Stellantis, parent company of Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, has previously stated its goal to have a zero-emission vehicle in every SUV segment by 2025.

Separately, Toyota announced it will spend $1.3 billion, part of a larger $3.4 billion, nine-year investment plan, to set up a U.S. lithium-ion-battery plant to supply U.S.-market hybrid and electric

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October Xbox Update: Xbox Series X gets 4K dashboard and more

Join gaming leaders online at GamesBeat Summit Next this upcoming November 9-10. Learn more about what comes next. 

The Xbox consoles are getting a handful of new features. And if you own the Xbox Series X, you’ll get even more goodies — like a full 4K dashboard. These patches are rolling out to Xbox systems now as part of the October Xbox Update.

A 4K dashboard is the most notable upgrade for Xbox Series X owners who use the device with a 4K display. This is a big improvement over the previous 1080p interface. It means that icons should

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10 Facts Everyone Should Know About BMW

Bayerische Motoren Werke, or BMW as we commonly know it, was founded as an aircraft engine manufacturer in 1916. Its first product was a straight-six engine, a layout it’s famous for today in its cars. However, designer Max Friz had a better idea for an airplane engine using just four cylinders. The IIIA engine was reportedly renowned by the Red Baron, the most successful fighter pilot of World War I, referring to it as the “greatest engine.” It was revolutionary, and demand from the military ensured BMW’s growth and expansion through World War I.

Following the war, BMW was banned

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Honda Civic Si, Mobil Balap Yang “Terjangkau”

Kategori mobil balap dengan desain kasual yang nyaman digunakan sehari-hari.

JAKARTA – Honda baru saja memamerkan mobil barunya, Civic Si 2022. Dalam peluncurannya, mobil itu tampil cantik dengan warna oranye. Diklaim Honda, mobil Si memiliki tenaga yang lebih kuat dan suspensi yang lebih mantap dibandingkan Civic standar. 

Civic Si terbaru ini masuk ke dalam kategori mobil balap buatan Honda, namun dibuat ke dalam bentuk kasual untuk penggunaan sehari-hari.

Mobil sedan Civic standar memiliki mesin turbocharged 1,5-liter empat silinder dengan 180 tenaga kuda (hp). Sementara itu, Civic Si, masih memakai jenis mesin yang sama, namun kali ini menghasilkan 205 hp dan

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Trams suspended after car mistakenly ends up on tracks

Trams were suspended in Tameside last night after a car mistakenly ended up on the tracks.

A Toyota Aygo got stuck on the Metrolink line at the Ashton-under-Lyne stop at around 10.45pm.

The driver said she was coming out of the Wellington Road junction onto Lord Sheldon Way when she became stuck.

She had to be rescued by police and recovery workers.

READ MORE:Seven arrested as part of investigation into Metrolink station attack

The driver said: “The tracks are dark and wet, it cost me £150 to get pulled out from the recovery.

“I’m just glad my car started

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Auto dei film, quanto costerebbero se fossero davvero in vendita

La Ford Anglia volante di Harry Potter e la Camera dei segreti, se fosse normalmente in vendita, potrebbe costare 1.292.168 euro, soprattutto a causa del sistema per farla volare. La magia, dunque, ha un prezzo?

DeLorean DMC-12 – 47.810 euro

OSAKA, JAPAN – Feb 12, 2016 : Use movie of Ready Player One. Photo of De Lorean from Back to the Future at Universal Studios Japan.Shutterstock

La DeLorean DMC-12 di Ritorno al futuro, forse una delle auto più iconiche della storia del cinema, costerebbe circa 47.810 euro nella vita reale, incluso il suo componente fondamentale, il mitico

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