4-year-old child found safe after abduction, car theft at gas station on Poplar

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis Police said a car with a 4-year-old child inside was stolen from a gas station on Poplar Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

The child was found unharmed about 90 minutes later near Oakdale and Avery, police said. Four suspects were detained Thursday.

UPDATE, FRIDAY: Four juveniles charged after 4-year-old abducted from gas station

Memphis Police responded to the scene at the Shell gas station at 2962 Poplar near the Benjamin Hooks Main Library. The suspect stole a four-door, gray Nissan Rogue with Michigan tags.

A customer reportedly left a 4-year-old child and their keys inside the vehicle.

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The Developist is an In-Development DIY Auto Film Processor

A truly mass-market (and widely adopted) at-home automatic film processing machine has yet to appear in the world of photography. Photographer Mark Webb didn’t want to wait around for one to show up, so he cobbled together one with his hardware and software knowledge. It’s called the Developist.

Webb, who calls himself “an English bloke [working] in a garden shed”, says he was inspired by seeing the Filmomat auto film processor but balked at the machine’s €3,500 (~$4,070) price tag, so he decided to have a go at creating his own.

He just finished the “1st step prototype”

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Penn State COVID-19 dashboard updated with testing data through April 29

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State’s COVID-19 dashboard has been updated to show the results of University-provided coronavirus testing at all campus locations through April 22. Over the last seven days at University Park, 4,096 total tests have been administered, resulting in 106 positive cases, for a total seven-day positivity rate of 2.6%. This includes 99 student positive results from 3,380 student tests performed (2.9% positivity rate) and seven employee positives from 716 employee tests (1% positivity rate).

The total seven-day positivity rate for on-demand testing at University Park is 3.2% (3.5% among students and 1.2% among employees). From random

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9 Hardcore Street-Legal Track Cars

Spending the day at the track is one of the great joys of being a car enthusiast. You can cut loose without fear of a speeding ticket, enjoy exploiting a car’s grip and handling as intended, and refine your high-speed driving skills. Of course, you can build a car specifically for the track to give yourself every advantage in shaving off tenths of a second. Still, sooner or later, you’re going to realize that carpets, soundproofing, AC, and safety systems are heavy, as are power-sapping emissions systems. Then your car isn’t road legal anymore, and you’re going to need a

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New Audi Q4 E-Tron Spy Photos Capture Its Ongoing Development

VW Group is on the cusp of an EV onslaught, and Audi will be a part of that strategy. Next year, the German luxury automaker will begin selling the Q4 E-Tron, its all-electric crossover. Spy photos of the vehicle first appeared in early 2020. A new batch shows Audi is continuing to refine the crossover before it’s revealed, yet it hasn’t lost much of its camouflage, which still conceals most of the vehicle.

However, while the design remains under wraps, we know it’ll share its underpinnings with the VW ID.4. Both use the Group’s MEB platform. There aren’t many details

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Velg og vrak blant 94 toppturer i distriktet

Pål Christensen

De kalles alt fra Ti på topp og Ti på tur til Vardejakten og Kodejakten. Dette er lokketilbud som skal få deg ut i naturen i ti kommuner, fra Ryfylke via Jæren til Dalane.

Publisert: Publisert:


I Forsand er det postbudet som forsøker å få folk opp av sofaen. Ellen Espedal parkerer bilen etter dagens ombæring og setter kursen mot Novaknuten.

– Det tar en snau time hver vei. Belønningen er voldsomt fin utsikt fra toppen, sier 38-åringen.

Hun trasker av gårde med

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Your car’s color could hurt or help its value, believe it or not

Yellow? A good choice, especially for a sports car.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Avoid a gold-colored car if you play the long-game when it comes to your vehicle’s value and perhaps think about gray if you want to play it safe. Those are just a couple takeaways from new iSeeCars data released Wednesday that tracked the best and worst paint colors for a car when it comes to their value and depreciation factors.

Upfront, it’s important to note a car’s color is not a deciding factor. In fact, there are good explainers for why some of the colors rank higher than others,

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The Casually Cruel Absurdity Of Blank Dashboard Gauges

Illustration for article titled Let's Talk About The Casually Cruel Absurdity Of Blank Dashboard Gauges

Screenshot: eBay

I think with modern LCD instrument clusters steadily becoming the default choice for most cars, what I want to talk about today is something that is well on its way to extinction. Objectively, this isn’t a bad thing, as what I’m talking about are things that have no actual use or purpose beyond reminding a car’s owner of something they do not have. They’re devices that perform the opposite of a function, somehow. I’m talking about the empty Gauges of Nothingness used on car instrument clusters.

You know the ones I’m talking about: When a carmaker

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This $12M Montana Mansion Comes With a 50-Car Garage and a Dyno

Big Sky Country MLS / Zillow

Are you a multi-millionaire living the big city life with nowhere to put your cars? Want to spend the summer in a quiet, secluded location where you can safely store your treasured collection? Do we have a spot for you. This mansion in rural Montana is surrounded by wilderness and comes with its own 50-car underground garage, an on-site gas station, and even a dyno room.

Like most seven-figure properties, 2100 N Ford Road in Big Sky, Montana is more of a compound than a single structure. According to the listing on Zillow.com, it

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HSR Wheel Tawarkan Velg Khusus untuk Mobil yang Dapat Diskon PPnBM

Suara.com – Penghilangan Pajak Penjualan atas Barang Mewah (PPnBM) untuk pembelian mobil baru saat ini memberikan angin segar kepada para pencinta otomotif di Indonesia. Dengan adanya penerapan pajak nol persen ini, beberapa model mobil mengalami penurunan harga yang cukup besar. Atau dengan kata lain mendapatkan diskon menarik.

Setidaknya, ada 29 model mobil baru dari delapan carmaker atau produsen kendaraan roda empat yang mendapatkan keringanan pajak nol persen.

Kabar ini tentunya memberikan semangat baru bagi konsumen yang ingin membeli mobil baru.

Dan, supaya makin seru mobil baru dengan relaksasi pajak ini bisa didukung tampilan yang keren. Salah satu alternatifnya, adalah memasang

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