Doctors Manitoba launches dashboard tracking COVID-19 surgery, diagnostic backlogs – Winnipeg

Doctors Manitoba has launched an online dashboard tracking surgical and diagnostic backlogs due to COVID-19 and now estimate that backlog has hit more than 136,000 cases.

The latest numbers are up from the roughly 130,000 cases the group estimated in mid-October, and 110,000 in June.

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Surgery backlog grows to 130,000 cases: Doctors Manitoba

“Physicians are very concerned to see the pandemic backlog increase again,” said Dr. Kristjan Thompson, president of Doctors Manitoba. Monitoring the size of this staggering backlog is important to understanding the magnitude of the problem that needs to be solved.

“That’s why we’ve launched

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What oil does my car need? Find the right type for your engine

CAR ENGINES produce a great deal of heat and friction, and it’s oil that keeps all the internal parts moving smoothly. Without it, an engine will seize rapidly, terminally expiring in a cloud of smoke. As such, it’s important for the health of an engine to keep the oil at the correct level.

A motorist checking their dipstick may notice that their car’s oil level is lower than it should be, and many will rush straight to their local motor factor only to be confronted with a truly bewildering array of oil types featuring incomprehensible letters and numbers.

It’s essential

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Suzuki S-Cross Terbaru Meluncur, Kini Pakai Teknologi Mild Hybrid

Inggris — Suzuki akhirnya membuka selubung generasi terbaru S-Cross dengan bekal teknologi mild hybrid yang akan mulai dijual pada tahun 2022 mendatang.

Diberitakan Autoexpress, Suzuki Eropa baru saja meluncurkan S-Cross 2022 dengan status world premiere.

Dalam peluncurannya tersebut Suzuki memperkenalkan S-Cross dalam dua varian; Motion dan Ultra.

(Foto: Suzuki Global)

Varian Motion menjadi varian terbawah dengan harga jual 24.999 Euro atau setara dengan Rp400 jutaan. Sedangkan varian Ultra dijual dengan harga 29.799 Euro yang setara dengan Rp477 jutaan.

Jika melihat harganya memang Suzuki S-Cross 2022 terbaru ini punya banderol yang jauh lebih mahal dari generasi sebelumnya.

Namun, Suzuki memberikan S-Cross

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Sebut Make Up Ria Ricis Bisa Buat Kantong Kering, Teuku Ryan: Mending Belikan Velg atau Knalpot

TRIBUNWOW.COM – Pasangan selebriti Ria Ricis dan Teuku Ryan mulai menjalani kehidupan rumah tangga.

Teuku Ryan menyoroti kebiasaan Ria Ricis yang sering berdandan sebelum membuat konten.

Teuku Ryan sontak mengaku lebih suka Ria Ricis tidak menggunakan riasan.

Teuku Ryan memeluk Ria Ricis saat baru dibangunkan dari tidur di pagi hari, Kamis (18/11/2021). (Capture YouTube Ricis Official)

Baca juga: Di-prank Kejutan Mobil Mewah, Teuku Ryan dan Istri Menangis Berpelukan, Ria Ricis: Jahat Banget

Melalui kanal YouTube Ricis Official pada Jumat (26/11/2021), Teuku Ryan mengutarakan hal tersebut.

Menurut Teuku Ryan, kebiasaan Ria Ricis berdandan bisa membuat kantong kering.

“Kalau aku sukanya natural,”

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Off-duty N.J. officer fatally struck pedestrian, put body in car, prosecutor says

A New Jersey police officer is accused of fatally striking a pedestrian, taking the man’s body home to discuss what to do, and then returning to the scene with the dead man in his back seat, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Newark officer Louis Santiago, 25, his passenger, and his mother are charged in the Nov. 1 incident, acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore Stephens II said in a written statement.

Santiago, who was off-duty, allegedly struck Damian Dymka, a 29-year-old nurse, while he was walking around 3 a.m. on the shoulder of the Garden State Parkway.

Neither Santiago nor his passenger,

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Track NJ School’s COVID Cases, Vaccination Rates In New Dashboard

NEW JERSEY — As COVID cases continue their uptick in New Jersey schools, a weekly snapshot of current COVID activity via county has been added to a newly launched dashboard.

The New Jersey Department of Health released the new NJ COVID-19 School-Related Outbreaks Dashboard on Monday showing vaccination and COVID-19 case trends at school districts from K through 12 and colleges and universities around the state. The data is broken down by county.

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Is it illegal to leave engine running while defrosting your car

DRIVERS have been warned to avoid a common mistake which could lead to a fine as temperatures across the North East plummet.

Those leaving their engine running while defrosting their windscreen are being reminded they could end up with a fine starting at £20.

That is because the law officially states that drivers should not leave their engine running unnecessarily while they are stationary on a public road.

Read more: How to see if you’re eligible for the £25 weekly Cold Weather Payment

An occasional sight, drivers have been known to sit in their car while the engine is running

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Der Spion in den Reihen des HSC Suhr Aarau

Der Spion in den Reihen des HSC Suhr Aarau

Am Sonntag gastiert Jeruzalem Ormoz aus Slowenien im Aarauer Schachen. Wird Leonard Pejkovic zum HSC-Trumpf in der dritten Runde des EHF-Cups? Und geht die Rechnung dieses Mal auch finanziell auf? Es werden so viele Gästefans wie selten erwartet.

Leonard Pejkovic ist Slowene und versteht somit, was die Gegner auf der Platte sprechen.

Marc Schumacher / freshfocus

Beim HSC Suhr Aarau staunten sie nicht schlecht, als sich der RK Jeruzalem Ormoz zum ersten Mal meldete, nachdem klar ­wurde, dass die beiden Teams in der dritten Runde des EHF-Cups aufeinandertreffen. Man gehe davon

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Stipenddryss til skogfagstudenter –

Landbruks- og matminister Sandra Borch delte i dag ut stipender til fem studenter som har tatt skogfag på Høgskolen i Innlandet (INN), avdeling Evenstad og ved Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (NMBU) på Ås.

  • Sara Emilie Bråten Aarskog fikk kr 25 000,- for den beste Bacheloroppgaven ved INN – Evenstad.
  • Masterstudentene Petter Almås fra Haltdalen, Maria Åsnes Moan fra Trondheim og Astrid Forberg Ryan fra Ringerike fikk hver kr 50 000,- for de tre beste karakterene blant de som gikk ut fra skogbruksstudiet ved NMBU i 2021.
  • Erlend Grande fra Overhalla mottok kr 50 000,- for den beste Masteroppgaven
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CAROLOGY: What was the world’s first car? – News

The car is one of the most influential inventions of all time. So where exactly did this genius idea come from? 

It’s widely known that Mercedes-Benz built the very first car, but what exactly went into building Karl Benz’s epic Patent Motorwagen?

Sam dives into this interesting story that brought the world the car. 

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