Formula 1’s ‘Sustainable Fuel’ Aims to Save Internal Combustion

  • Formula 1 has announced that its engines arriving in 2025 will be powered by a 100 percent sustainable fuel, meaning it will have zero net carbon dioxide emissions.
  • F1 envisions the fuel also being used in the millions of internal-combustion vehicles that will remain on roads for years to come, with F1 discussing with fuel companies how to scale up production.
  • The announcement could open the door to Porsche, which has expressed interest in synthetic fuels for road cars and in joining F1 as an engine supplier should the series switch to sustainable fuels.

    While electric vehicle sales have been

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    Effuel Reviews – Risky Scam or Save Car’s Fuel Consumption?

    With the rise of crude oil worldwide, pump prices have risen drastically. People have to pay more to see their tanks full. This addition exerts more burden on a person’s monthly income. As a result, it causes stress and anxiety to car owners. Many people are now performing significant changes to their car engines to help them save fuel. These engine modifications may negatively impact the vehicle’s general performance.

    After several decades of research, an Effuel chip was invented and claims to help drivers save fuel on their cars.

    What is Effuel?

    Effuel is an intelligent saving chip that helps

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