What oil does my car need? Find the right type for your engine

CAR ENGINES produce a great deal of heat and friction, and it’s oil that keeps all the internal parts moving smoothly. Without it, an engine will seize rapidly, terminally expiring in a cloud of smoke. As such, it’s important for the health of an engine to keep the oil at the correct level.

A motorist checking their dipstick may notice that their car’s oil level is lower than it should be, and many will rush straight to their local motor factor only to be confronted with a truly bewildering array of oil types featuring incomprehensible letters and numbers.

It’s essential

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Is it illegal to leave engine running while defrosting your car

DRIVERS have been warned to avoid a common mistake which could lead to a fine as temperatures across the North East plummet.

Those leaving their engine running while defrosting their windscreen are being reminded they could end up with a fine starting at £20.

That is because the law officially states that drivers should not leave their engine running unnecessarily while they are stationary on a public road.

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An occasional sight, drivers have been known to sit in their car while the engine is running

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Boris confuses viewers as he mimics roaring car engine in CBI speech ‘Is this real life?’ | Politics | News

Boris Johnson delivered an energised speech at the CBI’s annual conference about the UK’s plans to promote electric vehicle uptake among the public but confused watchers after he began making car noises at the podium. Mr Johnson told viewers he was once a motor correspondent before he became prime minister and shared his love of driving the best cars that were on offer at the time. He explained while most electric cars lacked the ‘brum brum rah rah” of petrol engines, they still had the same power and torque as high-end Ferraris during a bizarre clip which confused viewers.


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Drivers to be fined this winter for using their engine to defrost car windscreens

As Edinburgh prepares to be hit with icy this week and snow falls across Scotland, drivers have been warned that they could face fines for using their car engine to defrost their windscreen.

And although it can be tempting to speed up your windscreen defrosting by leaving your engine on, it could come with a price tag.

Drivers caught with their engine idling in order to defrost their cars may be hit with a £20 fixed penalty notice, experts have warned.

And the penalty could rise to £40 if the charge is not paid within a specific time frame.


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Car Engine Belt Market Size and Outlook 2028

New Jersey, United States,- A recent market research report added to the repository of Verified Market Reports is an in-depth analysis of the Car Engine Belt Market. On the basis of historic growth analysis and the current scenario of the Car Engine Belt marketplace, the report intends to offer actionable insights on Global market growth projections. Authenticated data presented in the report is based on findings of extensive primary and secondary research. Insights drawn from data serve as excellent tools that facilitate a deeper understanding of multiple aspects of the Car Engine Belt market. This further helps users with

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Get A Taste Of What Chevrolet’s 1,004 HP Crate Engine Can Do In A Car

Not that long ago, quadruple-digit horsepower was the exclusive province of otherworldly engines with obscene cylinder counts. Now, though, anyone can get 1,004 hp (1,017 PS/749 kW), thanks to Chevy’s ZZ632 crate engine, which you can see in a car in Hoonigan’s latest video.

The channel has posted the latest update to its Big Block Camaro build, which it completed at the behest of Chevrolet for the SEMA Show, where the engine was shown publicly for the first time.

Based on a third-generation Camaro, the last video showed the engine running for the first time. Now, they show the whole

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Dh13,000 fine, 12 black points for having modified, loud car engine in Abu Dhabi

In a post shared on its social media channels over the weekend, Abu Dhabi Police warned motorists that motorists would face three different laws if they modified their car’s engine for it to make a loud noise.
Image Credit: Screengrab/adpolicehq

Dubai: Driving a car with the engine modified to be as loud as possible can get you into a lot of trouble, especially if you are driving in Abu Dhabi.

In a post shared on its social media channels over the weekend, Abu Dhabi Police warned motorists that drivers would be penalised under three different laws in such a situation:

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Why did Lewis Hamilton change engine before Brazil GP? Decision explained and how penalty helps Max Verstappen

This is Lewis Hamilton’s 15th season in Formula One. No one has won more titles and though seven is a big number he has lost as many as he has claimed. He knows what advantage feels like under a quick car and conversely how hard it is to push water up hill in inferior machinery.

And so it is with a deep sigh that he speaks about his prospects over the closing four races. The 19 points that separate him from championship leader could stand at 30 should Max Verstappen continue to make the most of his opportunities at an

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Daily Express.Drivers urged to 'turn on their car engine' before de-icing vehicles this winter.“Always turn on your car engine and direct heat towards the windscreen to allow the car to warm up before you start scraping..3 days ago

Daily Express.Drivers urged to ‘turn on their car engine’ before de-icing vehicles this
winter.“Always turn on your car engine and direct heat towards the windscreen to
allow the car to warm up before you start scraping..3 days ago… Read More