COVID Cases, Hospitalizations Rising, While Vaccinations Plateau in New Dashboard

Now that the state has a COVID-19 dashboard again, Nebraskans can see how the pandemic has ramped up since it’s early summer lull.

Cases and hospitalizations are rising, while vaccinations have plateaued. As of Monday, the 7-day average of daily cases stands at 526, according to the dashboard. That figure will likely grow as the Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services counts all the tests over the next week.

There are 448 Nebraskans hospitalized with COVID. That’s more than 11% of the state’s hospital beds, and the main reason Gov. Pete Ricketts brought the dashboard back. He did so

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More than 600,000 duplicate vaccinations deleted from the Pa. Department of Health dashboard | Local News

The Pennsylvania Department of Health made major adjustments Saturday to its COVID-19 vaccinations reporting, cutting about 600,000 shots statistically statewide “to more accurately reflect the number of people who are partially and fully vaccinated.”

The statistical cleanup involving nearly 5% of the state population will affect Pennsylvania’s standing in national rankings. It means there have been about 600,000 fewer people involved in the vaccination process than the state statistics previously suggested.

The adjustments to the state vaccination numbers come after weeks of some officials in counties around the state suggesting that there were errors involving double counting in the

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