937-HP Aston Martin Valhalla Gets Fresh Approach and AMG Engine

  • The Aston Martin Valhalla started out quite different from the car we see here today, in part because of company changes including the arrival of former AMG head Tobias Moers as Aston’s new CEO.
  • Instead of the expected V-6, the mid-engine Valhalla will get a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 sourced from AMG.
  • The first customers should get the Valhalla in late 2023, and they’ll pay around $800,000 for it, which is much less than the seven-figure prices that were expected when the car was first discussed.

    Aston Martin first confirmed it was planning to produce two other mid-engine supercars to follow

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    Modifikasi Satu-Satunya Aston Martin Vulcan yang Bisa Dipakai di Jalan Raya

    WELLINGBOROUGH, CARVAGANZA – Mobil balap berperforma tinggi, Aston Martin Vulcan pertama kali diperkenalkan pada 2015. Sedan sport dua pintu ini hanya dibuat terbatas, 24 unit saja dan tak boleh dipakai di jalan raya.

    Alasannya sederhana, mobil seharga US$ 2,3 juta (Rp 33,2 miliar) ini tidak dibekali suku cadang dan perangkat yang wajib dipakai di jalan raya. Sebagai mobil balap, tentu saja mobil bermesin 7,0 liter naturally-aspirated V12 ini diciptakan hanya untuk mencapai satu tujuan, menghasilkan performa yang brutal.

    Sebagai gambaran, yuk kita ulas lagi terlebih dahulu tentang Aston Martin Vulcan. Pertama, nama Vulcan diambil dari nama salah

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    2021 Aston Martin DBX, 2022 Toyota Supra, Touring Arese RH95: Today’s Car News

    We’ve finally spent some time behind the wheel of Aston Martin’s new DBX. Yes, it’s a bit strange that an automaker famous for sports cars is now selling a crossover, but the vehicle offers all the performance and style you expect of an Aston Martin and throws in some practicality, too.

    Toyota has announced a round of updates for its 2022 Supra, and among them is a new special edition developed exclusively for North America. Just 600 examples of the special Supra are planned, all of them with the range-topping inline-6 engine.

    Italy’s Touring Superleggera celebrates its 95th anniversary in

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