It’s time for the death of the analytics dashboard

The demise of the analytics dashboard is upon us.

Dashboards are simply no longer able to keep up with the pace of business, and have therefore outlived their usefulness, according to Cindi Howson, chief data strategy officer at ThoughtSpot and host of The Data Chief Podcast.

Analytics dashboards take time to develop and update. The data that feeds the dashboards needs to be wrangled and prepared, and that takes the expertise of a trained data scientists or analyst. Then, as new questions arise, the dashboards need to be updated with more wrangled and prepared data.

In addition, organizations often

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Three reasons we’re witnessing the death of the dashboard

In the last few years, many businesses have successfully transitioned from traditional business intelligence (BI) to self-service analytics. And overall, the change has had a significant impact. 

Data analytics is more democratized. Insights are easier to understand. Even back-end processes like data preparation have been simplified.   

However, with data growing in scale and complexity every day, and the demand for actionable insights getting louder and more urgent, BI dashboards are no longer up to the task.

What is a Dashboard? 

Dashboards are a core component of self-service BI that allows users to visualize data and interact with elements according to

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