DHS adds new maps, geographic data tables to COVID-19 vaccination dashboard

MADISON, Wis. (WEAU) – A new visualization of vaccination data is being added to the

MADISON, Wis. (WEAU) – A new visualization of vaccination data is being added to the Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services’ COVID-19 dashboard.

On Friday, the DHS said it was adding a series of maps and downloadable data tables to its COVID-19 vaccine reporting website. The new maps and tables can break down COVID-19 vaccination rates by municipality, zip code, school district, or census areas.

The DHS says the new visualizations and data will inform residents about COVID-19 activity and vaccination in the areas they live and work.

“Breaking down existing vaccination data by these additional geographies offers new ways for people to understand COVID-19 activity within their communities and will allow us to determine where we need to focus our ongoing vaccination outreach efforts,” Karen Timberlake, DHS Secretary-designee, said. “Providing timely, transparent COVID-19 information to local and tribal health officials and the public has been a top priority throughout the pandemic, and these updates continue that commitment.”

An implementation of filters to show adult (people ages 18 and over) populations in the vaccination data has also been added to the new visualizations, similar to the application to existing vaccine and COVID-19 data dashboards.

Data is gathered using location data from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry. No personally-identifiable information is shared in the new data reporting.

To view the new maps, you can visit the DHS website here. You can also view the new data tables at the DHS website here.

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