Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition Leaps off Screen into Real Life

Ford designed a special F-150 pickup for the video game Rocket League, in which rocket-powered

  • Ford designed a special F-150 pickup for the video game Rocket League, in which rocket-powered cars playing soccer.
  • Now Ford has built a full-size version, the F-150 Rocket League Edition, which it revealed at the Chicago auto show—but just for fun, since it’s not going to be produced for customers.
  • The vehicle is recognizable as a F-150 but features highlighter green accents, redesigned fascias, and, of course, a rocket launcher in the bed.

    In February, Ford announced a partnership with video game maker Psyonix to design a version of the F-150 pickup for the game Rocket League, which is effectively soccer but with rocket-powered cars. Today, at the 2021 Chicago auto show, Ford revealed a full-size version of the F-150 Rocket League Edition, the first time a vehicle from the game has been brought to life.

    The Rocket League Edition is clearly based on the production F-150—retaining the body shape, thick round wheel arches, and drop-down windows—but it takes the details to another level. The traditional grille has been replaced with an indented section with chunky “Ford” lettering reminiscent of the grille on the Raptor. Highlighter green accents adorn the truck’s bumpers, and trim pieces link the rear wheel arch to the top of the bed and run up the A-pillar to the roof-mounted lights.

    Michael SimariCar and Driver

    The F-150 Rocket League Edition rides on 37-inch tires and features a stance wider that than of the Raptor. “F-150” is emblazoned across the tailgate, while a (definitely not real) rocket launcher sits in the bed with vents exiting through the taillights, allowing the F-150 to perform epic jumps and score goals in the Rocket League virtual world. Both the headlights and taillights preserve the C-shaped LED signature from the production F-150 but do away with the rest of the light units for a more futuristic look.

    The F-150 Rocket League Edition was originally available as an in-game purchase in February, when Ford also sponsored the Rocket League Championship Series Winter Majors tournament and the Ford + Rocket League Freestyle Invitational, a style-based driving competition that saw the winner receive a free 2021 F-150.

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