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combustion Archives - Conferenciaanpei


Several Japanese vehicle makers expand the use of hydrogen internal combustion engines

Subaru, Mazda, Toyota, Kawasaki, and Yamaha recently announced a joint effort to expand the use of alternative fuel technologies—including hydrogen combustion engines.

The effort builds on Toyota’s use of hydrogen engines in racing. The automaker previously entered a Corolla Sport hatchback with a hydrogen-powered engine (developed with help from Yamaha) in the Japanese Super Taikyu series. Hydrogen will be supplied by a new facility in Fukuoka City, Japan, which will produce hydrogen from sewage biogas, according to a press release.

The hydrogen race car will soon be joined by others using different fuels. Mazda will field a biodiesel-fueled Demio hatchback,

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In defense of combustion engines, Toyota CEO says ‘the enemy is carbon’

Akio Toyoda, the president of the world’s biggest automaker Toyota Motor Corp., spent the weekend driving around a racetrack in western Japan in a specially outfitted Corolla.

But it’s no ordinary version of the bestselling car. Toyoda drove a version specially equipped with its new in-house hydrogen engine, which propels the vehicle by burning the fuel much like traditional engines use gasoline. Along with Mazda Motor Corp., Toyota showcased vehicles running on carbon-neutral propellants in a three-hour road race this weekend in Okayama.

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered car underscores the automaker’s belief that a wide variety of vehicle types — including hybrids

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Toyota testing hydrogen combustion engines in race cars

Toyota says it’s testing hydrogen combustion engines in race cars as it works toward using the technology in commercial products

TOKYO — Toyota said Monday it is testing hydrogen combustion engines in race cars as it works toward using the technology in commercial products.

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China’s GAC announces hydrogen combustion engine

Chinese automaker GAC Motor claims to have successfully tested a hydrogen combustion engine, although it’s unclear if the engine will ever reach production.

Instead of using fuel cells to generate electricity, GAC designed an internal-combustion engine to burn hydrogen in place of gasoline or diesel. The resulting engine has a fairly high thermal efficiency of 44%, according to a company press release.

Notable engineering nuggets include a hydrogen-specific combustion chamber design, as well as strengthened pistons, piston rings, and connecting rods.

GAC said it will continue “thermodynamic calibration and mechanical development of the hydrogen engine,” and that it would work

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Formula 1’s ‘Sustainable Fuel’ Aims to Save Internal Combustion

  • Formula 1 has announced that its engines arriving in 2025 will be powered by a 100 percent sustainable fuel, meaning it will have zero net carbon dioxide emissions.
  • F1 envisions the fuel also being used in the millions of internal-combustion vehicles that will remain on roads for years to come, with F1 discussing with fuel companies how to scale up production.
  • The announcement could open the door to Porsche, which has expressed interest in synthetic fuels for road cars and in joining F1 as an engine supplier should the series switch to sustainable fuels.

    While electric vehicle sales have been

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    Ferrari and Lamborghini should be exempt from Europe’s ban on combustion engine cars, Italian government says

    Italy is in talks with the European Union on ways to shield supercar makers, including Ferrari and Lamborghini, from the planned phase-out of combustion engine vehicles by 2035.

    While the Italian government fully backs Europe’s commitment to cut emissions by phasing out the most-polluting engines, “in the gigantic cars market there is a niche, and there are ongoing discussions with the EU Commission” on how the new rules would apply to high-end carmakers that sell a much lower number of vehicles than mainstream producers, Roberto Cingolani, minister for ecological transition, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV at the Ambrosetti

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    Stephen Bayley’s ‘The Age Of Combustion’ Tells The Seductive Story Of The Motor Car

    The only real difference between the disciplines of architecture and cars, said Nikolaus Pevsner, is that one is a “static controlled environment”, while the other a “mobile controlled environment”. The late historian was speaking at the University of Liverpool where the young Stephen Bayley was studying architecture. “Thus, the greatest architectural historian of them all confirmed my belief that it would not be intellectual slumming to take cars seriously,” he writes as he introduces

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