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V6 engines in cars going away: Automakers discontinue 6-cylinder cars

These days, there are fewer and fewer cars. And fewer and fewer hefty engines in them.

As automakers increasingly discontinue passenger cars in favor of SUVs and pickups, they’re also moving away from the once-standard six-cylinder engine, also known to many as the V6 because of its shape.

In its place is the formerly dreaded four-cylinder engine, which is shedding its previously sluggish reputation after incorporating new technologies that improve its performance while maintaining respectable fuel economy.

In fact, only one midsize car that isn’t a luxury model still comes with a V6 enginel – the Toyota Camry – according

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Malaysian businessman in Bangkok found dead in car, engine running

Initial investigation revealed that no criminal element was involved.

BANGKOK: A Malaysian businessman was found dead in a car parked by the roadside near a temple in Bang Phli in Samut Prakan province on Friday.

Police said the 43-year-old businessman was in the driver’s seat of a Toyota Camry with its engine running.

The car had been locked from the inside and police had to force open the door.

“Police found (that) the man who was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle had passed away. The police also found a burning charcoal stove in the

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Curious about EVs? Here are answers to common questions about electric cars

Buying an electric car can be a big decision. Many car buyers think they want one, but they have a lot of questions before they buy. Below we have answered the top 36 questions people are asking.

An electric car is a vehicle that uses an electric motor to drive its wheels. The electricity is stored in a battery pack that drivers can charge by plugging the car into a power source via a charging station or a wall in your home, just as you would a lamp or appliance.

What is EV charging?

EV charging refers to powering up

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Volcano-powered supercar could save the internal combustion engine

An old fuel is being reinvented with carbon-capture technology and could be the key to cleaning up internal combustion engines.

Drivers may soon be able to buy cars powered by volcanoes, with two car makers pursuing technology which could potentially delay the death of the internal combustion engine.

The founder and CEO of Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg told business news outlet Bloomberg the firm was investigating sustainably-sourced methanol to power its vehicles, just days after Chinese auto giant Geely announced it was also pushing ahead with methanol cars.

As methanol is a simple alcohol made from combining

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2022 Toyota Tundra Could Have a Hybrid V-6 Engine

  • Toyota shared an image of the new Tundra’s engine cover, which shows three intake runners per side.
  • We think it suggests a hybrid setup with a V-6 gas engine, either twin-turbocharged or naturally aspirated.
  • The 2022 Tundra will debut soon, and it should go on sale in the U.S. by the end of the year.

    Toyota will debut the new Tundra full-size pickup truck later this year, and we’ve already gotten a glimpse at the new truck’s front end. Now Toyota is sharing a few details of what will power the new truck: the iForce MAX powertrain, and it could

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    Front VS Mid VS Rear Engine Cars Compared

    In this edition of Automobile Technology Content, we have come up with a very interesting topic of the placement of engines in a car. The aim of these articles is to help you understand the technical and complex process of automobile engineering in a simple to understand language. There are plenty of automobile enthusiasts out there who want to know everything about the engines of their cars. We try to cover such topics and you can go through these under the Automobile Technology Section of the Car Blog India website. Let us start with this post for now, shall we?

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    Car engine fully engulfed in flames threatens eastside home

    MADISON, Wis. — A vehicle engine fire on Madison’s east side grew so large enough to threaten a nearby home Tuesday morning.

    Madison fire officials said firefighters responded to a home in the 1900 block of Loretta Lane shortly before 10:30 a.m. after getting a report of a car on fire.

    When firefighters got to the home, they found a sedan parked in the driveway with its engine fully engulfed in flames and smoke. The car was parked next to another

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    What is a Boxer Engine?

    When it comes to internal combustion engines (ICE), the vast majority of the cars sold are motivated by “inline” and “V-type” engines. These terms designate the configuration of the cylinders arranged along the crankshaft. 

    Inline engines typically have three, four, or six cylinders lined up in a vertical row. V-type engines angle the cylinders in a shape similar to the letter V, alternating cylinders on either side of the crankshaft. They typically have six, eight, ten, or twelve cylinders.

    Far less common are horizontally opposed engines, which usually arrange four or six cylinders horizontally in relation to the crankshaft. This

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    How Gasoline Engines Can Survive in an Electric Car Future

    Combustion engines won’t completely disappear any time soon, if ever. Certain transportation tasks or operating environments simply don’t lend themselves to battery– or hydrogen-powered electric propulsion. A century and a half of research and development has greatly increased the efficiency of combustion engines, and engineers have loads of additional tricks up their sleeves that promise to extract even more work from a molecule of fuel while producing even fewer harmful emissions. Here are but a few we’re keeping our eyes on, listed in order of complexity and cost to implement. 

    A 98-Octane Fuel Standard

    Simply being able to design

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